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Cloud Castle

CC_aReason CC_nieghbors CC_Fairies
June 24th, 2002
Score : 8.2 good
This is a nice short dmod. There is a quite fitting plot in the game. It has almost all the good elements for a small dmod to be succeed. Like Paul, I particular liked the final boss although part of the scripts can be improved a little in my opinion.

However this game is a little too hard for me. I had to cheat a little bit here or there to survive. Since I usually saved the game not so often, I died many times and needed to go through part of the game over and over.

A few small bugs, not life threatening though.

With a tweak here or there and an easier difficulty setup (more bonus portions or more easy-to-kill baddies), I would recommend this dmod without any bad commends.