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Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The Hero

March 5th, 2004
Score : 6.6 fair
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: Dink has to save the realm Amandor. This D-mod however is no D-mod, but a film. Sometimes you have to move Dink to the next screen, but most of the time you just sit back and watch the action – or, actually, the conversation. And that gets boring after a while. It is like watching cutscene after cutscene after cutscene. Tiresome, since you want to explore the surroundings and talk to people yourself, but all is done for you. Every time you think that now is the time to do some walking yourself, you will end up watching another cutscene. The cutscenes are therefore no cutscenes at all anymore, but normal scenes, just like in a film.

Map and graphics: The map is relatively small for a story that takes so long to finish. But since every scene takes ages, it takes quite a long time before you progress to another screen. The map is decorated very nicely, with a lot of graphics that have bright colours. Most of the graphics do not blend in since they are just drawings, but they still go well with the scenery and the story. Some graphics are from other D-mods and graphic packs.

Music: The music suits the D-mod.

Good: The borders are different and although I do not like it, it is always nice to see something new. The borders are made of stone walls and that looks real awkward. The D-mod is real easy. You never ever get lost since the only thing to do is to follow the road and since all the conversations and actually almost everything else is done for you, that makes it real easy too. The only thing you have to do is walk to a next screen from time to time and to fight once or twice. The fighting is easy too since you will find enough potions and hearts. The savebots are different: they are a graphic of the Lion of Juda. Although I really do not know what a lion has to do with a savebot, it is nice to see a new kind of savebot. Two of the houses have something that looks like an indoor terrace, or perhaps walls that are partially transparent so you can see into the house. This looks quite interesting, but it turns out to be a warp. The church bell is not a nice drawing, but the idea of a church bell is quite nice, and the way it hangs between the arches really gives the impression of a church bell.

Not so good: You can not do anything yourself: you just sit and watch the film. There is no storyprogres, so if you return to a certain screen, the scene repeats itself. For example: you can meet Phil, watch him being captured and then meet him again – and watch him being captured again and so forth and so on. Dink does not freeze during the scenes, so sometimes you walk and talk and nothing happens and you have to enter the screen again in order to get the story going. The teleporter to the encampment only works well if you wait after you have entered the screen. If you move, nothing happens, and you can move since Dink is not frozen. The amount of names in this game struck me with awe and it was quite awful to try to remember who’s who: Marta, Robin, Zack, Will, Irwin, Jerome, Queen Anne, Cassandra, Roseanne, Port Richley, wizard Windemere, bishop Daniel, Fulla Grace, prince Bryan, count Verdane, Phil, Jersey Shore, King Jason, Toby Biaz, Targus Village, John Fertsap, Sarah and many, many more. It is just too much to remember.

Overall: No D-mod, but a film. If you like that, this D-mod is suited for you! I you want to do something yourself, this is not the one you want to download.

Fit for: If you are a lazy adventurer, you can just sit back and relax and still have some adventure!