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Birth of an Empire

July 3rd, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male
Wow! Great game George. It seems he has spent a long time producing this D-MOD and this is what will boost my mark for him.
Birth Of An Empire, a GREAT game is unlike any other. I am not sure why, it is most probably just a gut feeling, but I think it stands out in the crowd. Not just for playing as somebody other that Dink, something else... hmmm...

weaknesses: Like everybody else has pointed out, the bonca bug, I think there is a bug fix for this in the miscellaneous section, that will help. The bug is most annoying with wizards. I will mark this with the bug fix however...

Another weakness I encountered was the slow time it takes to die. You are killed, eveything stops for 3 seconds then the dead carcass appears. I'm not too sure about this George

Strongpoints- Everything that isn't in the weaknesses section. The game has everything, the ability to play as a Goblin, an almost perfect storyline that almost perfectly fits into the Dinkiverse (MAIN DINK STORYLINE), new graphics (OK hardly any but still, improvements) cool new, never before heard MIDI's, some funny parts, and some odd parts. Heres an example...

After you defeat the king they ask who shall be king, what will happen etc. Karg walks forward, and says "I will be King of the humans" without any vote or choice whatsoever... heehee!

Overall: I like this D-MOD, and for people stuck with modems the download is short. I recommend this D-MOD to any gamers that want that chunk of extra gameplay.

Full marks with the bug fix - 9.9