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Beginning of Evil

Most of the DMOD is a lot like this.
August 24th, 2003
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male Australia
One of the Alternate Evil DMODs.

Started out fairly well, some humour, and Dink is being evil. He kills his mother, and then is an idiot and falls for Charon being an angel. Goes and kills some more people and is sent on a quest by the High Priest of some dark sect to retrieve (yep, you guessed it) some powerful artefacts.

Graphics: A few from other DMODs, nothing exciting here.

Sound: A couple new sounds, some from other DMODs

Map: Pretty Basic all round, not much details

Music: Suited the piece and although simplistic, didnít bug me

Gameplay: This got boring very quickly. Lots of repetition and fighting pillbugs and priests (didnít even have the priest attack graphics that Paul Pliska has made and other authors have used). I got bored killing priests and trying to hit all the stone heads (I am afraid Iíve played too many DMODs with the objective being hit objects 1 to n to unlock next bit of the game).

Bugs: There a few of these. If you hit the Holy Water source fountain before youíre supposed to the screen locks up with no release. Then when you are supposed to the knight how appears is trapped in the fountain and can be killed without any damage to Dink. The knight already there didnít do anythingÖ weird. Something also happened to a mini-boss in the dungeon with the falling pillbugs. He seemed to freeze and I could do nothing moreÖ had to force quit the game

I couldnít be bothered finishing this DMOD due to the frustrating bugs and repetition. I feel this DMOD could be a lot better if certain areas were addressed such as Dink having to die while battling the Druid priests (Iíd have the priests torment Dink about killing him, and it being of no use to resist), the warping between rock rooms needed a comment from Dink about the puzzling nature of the warps and could be further enhanced with a transition of some sort, even if it is only to black, and while I liked the falling pillbug idea (it reminded me of the lava falling in Lynaís Story) the bug with the mini boss (once again a priest) was the straw that broke the ďIím not playing this DMOD againĒ back.

6.5 out 10