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Bangerang Boomerang

The bangerang boomerang in action.
November 7th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Female
This file lets you add a boomerang as a new weapon.

The file comes with a D-mod, so you can easily test this weapon. I was actually quite amazed when I saw it. Not just the weapon, but the D-mod too. All the tutorials D-mods or Test D-mods I have seen so far have a small story to them, I think to make it more attractive: Dink has to kill some enemies to save someone and in order to do so, he has to use his new weapon. But if the item you are showing is good, there is no need for frivolous stuff. And this D-mod shows that. There are just a couple of screens with ducks and you can immediately test the boomerang – no need to watch a intro movie, just try the weapon!

The boomerang is the same as the one used in James Perley’s Boomerang.
If you have thrown the boomerang and press Ctrl again, the flying boomerang will come back immediately. So you do not have to wait to throw again if the boomerang missed – you only have to wait until the boomerang is back, which is realistic.
The really powerful thing about this boomerang is that it will also kill enemies who show up behind Dink. When facing several enemies, you just throw it; it will kill or hurt the enemy in front of Dink. And then the only thing to do is step aside and the boomerang will hit the enemy standing behind Dink.
And it damages twice: once when thrown, and once on it's way back.
It takes the boomerang a small amount of time to reach the enemy, so you have to calculate where the enemy will be before throwing.

In this D-mod ducks are the enemy and the boomerang decapitates the ducks. It almost seems as if the graphics of the beheaded ducks were just made to go with the boomerang.

The file also comes with a no nonsense readme.txt and a step by step guide setup.txt in which are explained how you can add this in your D-mod.

Overall this is a very good worked out weapon and I wonder why no D-mod – as far as I know - has ever used it.
July 7th, 2002
Score : 8.6 good
Joshriot's Bangerang boomerang adds a boomerang to Dink's weapon system. Basically it improves (and more reasonable) from ver 2.0 to 2.1. Now Dink can only shoot one bommerang at a time, and needs to get it back before Dink can shoot again.

I did similar scrips for boomerang to work. It is a shame that no real dmod has used such a nice-looking weapon. In my upcoming dmod (Dink's M Vacation), boomerang is the ONLY weapon that Dink can find in the game other than his fist. (At least for most part of the game.) Oddly enough, similar to what I had, you might (not always) lose your boomerang if you shoot and leave the screen immediatelyor go back and forth on the edge of 2 screens. A few bug-preventing procedures are working, but not always if you try to take it to the extreme. Unlike my boomerang design, if Dink shoot the boomerang and walk out perpendicular to the boomerang trace, the boomerang looks like disappear in the thin air. This part can still be improved.

Because this is by far the best thing out there for a boomerang to work its charm, I would give it a relatively high score.