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Bane of the Magi

Dink meets a giant dragon. From the COTPATD project. An army of the damned is created. From the COTPATD project.
June 8th, 2005
Score : 9.9 exceptional
actually, this is the best D-mod i have ever played, i love the story, the enemies, the graphics... i love EVERYTHING!

but one thing i didn't understand, how do you become evil?
i love being evil in games but i only could be good

The Story:
the story is great, i love the part where you are in heaven (or something)
and you meet your mother, if every D-mod would be this good, they would be TOO good, but why is dink a duck?

overall the story get 9,9.

The Graphics
the only new graphic i saw was the skeleton, but darn it was cool!
so i cant say much, But it's also cool when dink is small, in some places, everything look so BIG!

not so many new graphics so i give it a 8,0 but they are used creatively.

The Sounds
It was pretty long ago i played this D-mod so i dont remember many sounds...
But i'll give it a 9,0 anyway, as i said, i LOVE this D-mod

i found no hardness errors or anything wrong.

The weaknesses
nothing really, i see that many people said it freezed often, but it never happened to me.

overall i give it a 9,9!