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Knight's Tale 2 (A)

July 12th, 2003
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Finland
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Knight's Tale 2. The first (and great) dmod I played after my loooong break from Dinking. Let's begin the review.

(Nearly nonexistant) story: Jarvis the Knight goes to the Eagle Tower to rescue the beautiful (hmm...) Eleanor.

*Humor is the key here (lots of it)
*Easy, I didn't die once. (but not too easy)
*A dmod couldn't be more linear than this. You always know what you should do to continue.
*Really original use of the Dink graphics, and some new graphics too.(although taken from Warcraft III)
*NO BUGS!! Hooray!

*Well, nothing.

Overall: Great dmod that doesn't take too long to beat and doesn't get boring. 9.0