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374 Midis

May 20th, 2002
Score : 8.1 good
Peasant Male
Without agreeing with Phoenix with the 16 MIDI's Pack, I agree with him here...

Strengths - The amount of them. The choice of MIDI's here is outstanding, listen to the number 374, and say it slowly. Isn't it a huge amount of MIDI's! These will fit into every situation and I have put many into my New Beginnings Series. By listening to the quality of them, I am guessing that James Perly has put alot of time into getting 374! Great MIDI's, any situation, I recommend you download!!!

Weaknesses - The amount of them, there are so many here, and if you are searching for something to fit a part in your D-MOD, you will have trouble. I know this really isn't James' fault, but he could have put them into different folders. For example, Chase, Travel, Caves etc. just for ease of use.

Overall - Great MIDI pack, a MUST for Dinkers!