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2007-11-30 03:29:41
Okay letís get some money and magic... Head north until you get to the start of the hills, head west through the first valley of pillbugs. Walk behind a tree to get up to the hill. Now do some exploring... far west leads to pillbugs and a strength potion, plus the passage to the sword in the stone. No point going to the sword in the stone yet, but find the crossed bones in the pillbug hills, walk on them and you get zapped to the hill with the pillbugs and barrels - plus a chest with 200 gold. Get all these, then head east (right) and pick up a golden heart at the end of a hill.
I finished it till here.

But cant find these:
Now just below this hill is a secret entrance through the forest to the "Magic Ring". You have to wander around blind a bit through the forest, but the trick is head down to get into it, then head east, then north (all on the same screen) and then east again, and youíll find yourself [on the next screen] in the clearing with the magic ring.