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Every Sun has to Set 

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2007-12-22 03:40:54
Peasant Male Maldives
Every Sun has to Set 
And After all these days. with a litle help from a good firend I am gonna continue my work.. MODDING.
So as a Comeback D-mod amd gonna Release A D-mod named
"Gate Of Luthor"

well. the story goes like this.
in Ancient Times there Lived a King named Luthor. Who had his kingship over the Whole Human race. He had a great reputation in the Humans and was a VERY powerfull king. But the Human race is been faced by a DARK WIZARD who has already got an army that humans will never be able to win against. thus geting this news, Luthor Commands his Wizards and Alchemists and Socerrers to make an Obstacle. or a gate that could with hold the great incoming army for a long time. so the Whole human race got in to action and were able to creat the huge invisible Gate. named after the king Luthor. "The Gate of Luthor" protected and seperated the two enemies for a long time.

But Unfortunately the whole human race wasnt intelligent enough to make a Large Powerfull one which could hold them protected for long years. as time passed the humans forgot about the incident and the story became a bedtime story. and was never believed by one. and then After 1 million years. After the Death of luthor and his men, the Gate has been Unlocked for the first time. Time had played its trick allowing the UNDEAD dark wizard and his army to attack the Humans. The only wall between them is no more. the streams of blood were flowing in streats while the smell of ROTTEN filled the air and the cries of slavery echoed the poles. The rein for a new hero was needed desperately.

Matridge the Light wizard tells Dink about it and again dink steps out in to the battle field for the sake of his race. With having nothing with him faces the evil traps and the Devil Plans to save the Humans.

He gets only just a little help from the ancients. The Sword of Luthor. the only way to kill the wizard.
plus he has to collect the 3 Elementals to close the gate of luthor. the Materials that the ancients Used
1:The un-moving wind
2:The Unflowing Water
3;The unburning Fire
To close the gate for one more million years.
and to ban any other Entrance of a new Galactic force Like this one.
*** THE END ***
I will Update if any changes are to be made.

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