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2019-05-22 16:09:39
"Sort out the problem with her father and you get 800 experience" This cannot be done initially. After the first talks, you will have to wait, until the moment when you'll go through portal (and initiate the "time travel" event.) You can then finally speak with Dertin again about the topic. After that: Go back to Oasis and back to her daughter with Dertin. After that: You will get your 800 XP reward.

In "Dragon Cultist" hideout: Completing Fabian and Alessa's side-quest (finding out the truth how and why Nexus was interested of Fabian) is the easiest way, but technically: You can also complete it before ending up to Dragon Cultist's hideout, by chatting with both at Sahib's house before heading to library and initiate the "Dragon Cultist" events. It is slower but do-able.

It doesn't matter will you support Fred or the girl's mother in that side-quest but you must not lie about the girl's fate to her mother, otherwise you'll get less XP. In both ways: You'll get one scroll piece and 500 XP.

For my personal experience: Killing Fred is easier and faster, because he moves and attacks much more slowly, has less HP and deals less damage than girl's mother. Landing a killing blow on him will net you 150 XP.

Girl's mother on the other hand, moves and attacks faster (like regular Slayer,) deals more damage and she has more HP. Dealing with her will be much tougher than it would be with Fred, especially while considering the fact you'll be fighting her in a room/house with a very limited space and Fred will not be much of a help either, because of his slow movement and attack speed and mediocre damage. If you manage to at least land a finishing blow on her, you will net 200 XP.

In my opinion: Its not worth it to kill her mother, unless you have a good stats and/or sword of somekind, preferably claw-sword. Having some strong spell could work too. You can either just sit down and watch as her mother kills Fred while waiting to land the finishing blow, attempt to help her fight against Fred which can be risky because if you hit her, she will start targeting you instead. In this case: Try to direct her to Fred so that he will hit her and then she will concentrate on Fred again or you can just watch from the distance as the mother kills Fred. In either case: You'll get your due. Just do not leave the house (there is no screenlock once the battle in between Fred and girl's mother begins) otherwise: You will have to go back to the Fred's cave hideout, find them and initiate the events again.)

Both, Fred and girl's mother will drop some gold after being killed. Their value is the same: Medium-high (less than what dead Slayer gives but more than what Gray Boncas and Brown Boncas drop.) You can also get that 500 XP and scroll piece if you kill Fred at his hideout in the cave, but you will be unable to get the gold pile and you will never find out that girl's mother and herself are shapeshifters.

Lying to girl's mother about her daughter's fate nets you 300 XP and a scroll piece. In any case: You'll be afterwards unable to kill either one: Fred or the girl's mother. The girl will be in the end: Content with any of the result.

"There's a defense potion one screen to the left of the Storehouse" I did not find this. I found a Magic Potion instead if that's the one you were referring to.

"In the SE of the cave there's a guy who is an adventurer (NB he is not always there, I haven't figured out why). Rescue him and get some gold." I never encountered this person. Is that guy in the game?

"<if anyone knows how to get those potions, please help>" At the Pencilhead's hideout, there aren't any potions there but some kind of glimmering behind the idol statue. It is apparently gold.

"A choice of Alessa, Fabian or Dertin as companion. Does it make a difference? I dunno." At this point, it will not. However: If you pick Dertin to accompany you BEFORE asking Sahib for what has he managed to learn from cultist plans, there will be some extra dialogue on that cutscene and you can also select him to accompany you in search of Cthilmor but be wary: He is the only accompaning character who is not able to heal you and when you take him with you: You cannot switch your companion again. If you take Alessa or Fabion however, you can still take switch him or her to Dertin, by going to his house and ask him to come with you. Dertin will change nothing else, except few dialogues and the game endings.

Finally a warning for everyone, who is planning to go for the Temple of the Ancients: DO NOT ENTER THE TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENTS UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST THE BLEEDING SPELL AND GOOD STATS. I also recommend for having few strong healing potions (just healing potions, not Berserk potions) before entering the Temple of the Ancients, because you will need them to stay alive and there are things which will make it complicated to win Temple of the Ancients without back-up healing items. Having Alessa or Fabian with you before entering is preferable, because of their instant-healing. Having a Hellfire spell is also recommended due to its high damage and penetration. Here are few things to be expected in Temple of the Ancients:

One: There will be only two Saving Points and they both will lose their power once you use them just once. In other words: When you use them just once, they'll become unusable. Luckily though: There are also two saving points with unlimited uses: One at the entrance and one in the cave, just before you'll face Jameil.

Second: Temple has many highly damaging traps (some of them are instant kill traps. Approach with caution areas, that looks suspicious such as: Dead bodies.)

Third: Temple is filled with strong enemies (toughest small scarabs, fire pillbugs, hellfire shooting Brown Boncas, fast Bane Boncas, blood poisoned Slayers etc...)

Four: At least in my experience, health droppings are very scarce. Without big healing potions, you are going to have a tough time to complete the Temple especially at the "Duck phase." As I mentioned: I do not recommend Berserk potions, because they heal less. There will be fully healing heart at the cave just before facing Jameil though.

Five: Jameil himself is strong boss and he is constantly backed up with enemies you previously encountered in the Temple.

Completing Temple of the Ancients will unlock the game's "good ending" rewards you with: "Nightmare Sword" which is basically stronger Herb Boots with a sword, "Multi-Hellfire" spell which launches three hellfire shots instead of one and couple stat and mega potions. So the rewards will be easily worth the effort.

As long as you do not go to find Cthilmor and initiate those events, you can still go to the Temple of the Ancients and defeat Jameil (I am not sure if this is possible, after Cthilmor is released though but I'd guess it is not.) It is preferable that you do this side-quest, before going to find Cthilmor if you wish to get the good ending and open Boss mode.