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Well let's tell something about me than!

I only recently discovered Dink, and I love the fact that you can create your own stories. I never scripted or anything but always wanted to try it sometime but didn't know where to start.

Well I found my start, with all great tutorials here it should not be to hard.

Not to hard?!? Well see that is a bit my problem I make it hard for myself. I got a lot of ideas and to put them into working I can't just slightly edit the standard scripts so it won't be that easy either.

The first script I am trying to make I have been puzzling on for 2 hours now and still not working as I want it so my first D-mod probably is ready in 2027. But I am patient so I will get it done. And I can learn from my mistakes. (well after 2 more hours and some help from magicman it works so maybe it will be 2013 instead of 2027 )

Well I can tell a lot more but if you want to know something just ask me.

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2010-08-11 11:34:22
Anathavia: Did you really use *just* paint to make these?
Yes I did make it with paint. I know that with some other programs you can make the pictures better but I just like to work with paint cause I am familiar with it. I think when I come upon something I can't do with paint that I switch to another program but until then paint works fine for me.
I basically just used existing tiles to start with in combination with some pictures of waterfalls I googled. Because the original tilesets are indexed it automatically changed the colors to the dink palette when I pasted the waterfall pictures in there. After that I just copied and pasted bits of the waterfall on the background (existing tiles) and make it look a bit realistic.

And skull I never saw that picture before.

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Animated Waterfall TilesDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.2August 10th, 2010