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The Dink Network's Quotes.txt, if you find any funny quotes on our web site, or know any quotes said by active, well known dinkers, send them to me WC @ Please include, quote said, who said it, and a contact of that person. Thank you and enjoy.

"Oh, and you can refrain from posting any nude pictures of anyone on the Dink Network" - Redink to WC

"And I stare at women for what reason then?" - TAL

"yep. and watching voyager is like watching Gay porno while you're straight." - JVeenhof

"but thats nothing compared to your dick headed dead knight" - WC in a rant against Gary Hertel

"do you know how to fix a computer that beeps randomly?" - WC

"a sledgehammer?" - Gary Hertel

" bought it from a friend who failed basic math, that makes more sense." - Gary Hertel to WC about a computer he just bought

"Why were you in the hospital?" - Gary Hertel

"internal bleeding and i was throwing up blood. I had a stomache ulcer from PEPSI" - WC

"That's the most messed up thing I've ever heard." - Gary Hertel

"ya, but i'm cool now. Just can't drink anything but water. It appears that the acid in PEPSI ate a hole in my tummy. Now whats with your compiler?" - WC

"Yeah!! Sheep! They better baaa too, hehe. " - Nexis to RedInk

"otay lay it one my brother" - Bunniemaster (Need we need to say more?)

"Banana!" - Redink Several time in Dink Network newsposts, we later sent him to a hospital that can help him with that problem

"He's making it dang good so people like me won't hurl bricks in his window." - Dink Network user talking about FIAT and the time it's taking to get released.

"if i didn't knew better id think 3ddownloads is owned by microsoft" - random comment about 3D downloads from a Dink Network user. (3D downloads kept going down so no one can download files.)

"I'm board" - WC getting board when creating a d-mod anti-cheat script

"Umm, go eat a squirrel!" - His girlfriend

"I didn't mean to do that..." - Chrispy right after messing up the Dink Message Board

"Ok, you have way too much rap there. It's just not healthy. heh" - Gary veiwing WC's MP3 FTP server.

"It's Give Me A Big Fat Sloppy Kiss......I was just screwing around. " - Tal to WC about a post on the message board

"Uhh, gary, maybe he meant it for you.." - WC to Gary Hertel

"I would hope dog might like a big fat sloppy kiss though." - Gary Hertel in responce

"Quotes.txt?????? What´s that!!Do I have to pay or something?? Make a DMOD,Dev file or misc???? Please,explain me!! " said dinkmega dazed and confused about what this file is about

"Cool (if short) d-mod. Looks like Jveenhof's d-mod skills have, if anything being inproved by his death." - Paul Pliska

"... the plot completely turns around with a super 360..." - joshriot. There are 360 degrees in a circle... so basically, the plot turned around and kept going the same way.

"Tal is winking at me!" - WC to RedInk

"Spit on him." - RedInk in Reply

"I think Dinkmega is the new Tal" - WC on reading dinkmega's poem on the latest discussion. (it was rather weird)

"I think WC is a big mommyhead!" - Tal on hearing WC's last comment.

"talking about yourself in the third might need some therapy there." - Gary Hertel to WC , WC likes to talk in third person.

"viagra and prune juice!" - WC exclaimed, for absolutely no reason

"..and the mexicans next door got a f***** rooster...s***." - WC

"a rooster huh...perhaps a big dog would like a snack. " - Gary Hertel

"yeah, they have a huge f******* dog (hence why I can't just jump the wall and cut it's head off)." - WC

"Guess you'll have to do some sniping." - Gary Hertel

"na, it's in a wooden shack, i'll just throw a 'cocktail' on it. " - WC

"perfect" - Gary Hertel

"humm, not that creative, but it will work...maybe I could think of something funner...dynamite? Na." - WC

"stink bombs might be fun. they might even blame it on the rooster" - Gary Hertel

"Shall I list off the things that I would find repulsive about the very idea of having Dink up my coochie?" - AlliKitten about a Dink 'toy'

"... I'd appreciate it if you didn't program functions into Miasma that yell at women who send you naked pictures of themselves. Thanks." - redink to WC