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Contest: Rise to Power D-Mod

Have you looked into creating a D-Mod, but can't really seem to get the ball rolling? Are you a seasoned D-Mod developer, but motivation is lacking?

Well, here's another contest to draw your attention.

For this D-Mod Contest, you must create a D-Mod involving the main character(s) rising to power in some way.

View the comments for more information.

The Rules

Deadline: All entries must arrive be uploaded via the Upload Form before July 20th, 2008.

Eligibility: All non-staff members can participate. Staff members may also participate in the contest, but they will not be able to vote or view the other entries before the rest of the community.

Voting: Voting will be conducted by eligible staff members during the month following the deadline.

Prize: The 1st placed entrant will receive a copy of the DinkC Reference book, not to mention bragging rights until the next contest rears its head.

If a group effort was involved in the creation of a winning D-Mod, only one prize will be awarded.

Specifications: These requirements must be followed in order to be eligible for the contest:

The D-Mod must be centered upon a playable character's rise to power. This ascension to greatness can be relative, however. Ethel's duck taking rule over Stonebrook would be just as valid as Dink becoming King.

The protagonist must succeed in rising to power. This may not necessarily be the end of the game, but their rise to power must be the central theme of the d-mod.

It is recommended that you create a typical RPG/Adventure-style D-Mod for the contest, though originality is an excellent way to set your d-mod apart.

Size: There are not any size limitations, either in map screens or file size. However, it is strongly recommended that entrants focus on making a quality D-Mod, rather than a larger quest of dubious worth.

Cancellation: Prizes will only be awarded if two authors / groups submit D-Mods for the contest. Also, Tal can cancel the contest at any time he pleases for any reason he chooses. The usurped King Daniel will be supplying the competition's prize.

Misc: If you have any questions, or think some of the rules are a bit silly, please post a comment or a message on the board.

Previously released D-Mods are not eligible, nor major parts of their map and/or story. For example, Sharp couldn't take Milder 3, make Milder become king of the universe, and submit it for the contest.

The staff decided on a "Rise to Power" theme to commemorate Tal's new found power.

If have been working on a D-Mod for a while that fits in the rules, please start a new one. Contest D-mods are a special breed, and if we find out you are submitting something you started last year, Duck Assassins will be sent for.

You can submit more than one entry. But beware: you may end up 'splitting the vote', and allowing another D-Mod to win.


A lowly pig farmer comes to be head pig farmer of the multinational corporation, Pigs Inc. The methods used to do this are completely up to the player; do you make money and buy out the local farms? Or destroy the competition through underhand means?