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September 28th 2005, 04:40 PM
Didnt I already say that I beleived that at least 12 million times (give or take )?
The reason i beleive my beleifs are better more suited to reality is due to EVIDENCE, and logical analysis of reality started from true axioms.
Anyone can make that claim , but that does mean it is accurate. Which is why if they are too beleived by skeptics they should at least attempt to prove their point(s).
I will not allow that my beleifs are wrong just because you claim them to be. I will not abdicate my beleifs (and neither will DD) unless you present us with evidence we accept, which you have not come close to doing yet.
I have spent a long time thinking and investigating the truths of Objectivsim and the alternatives, but I it always turns out that Objectivism is right, and that the confliciting theory is wrong. This may not always be the case, there may be parts of it that are wrong in some small ways, and there may be exceptions I have not yet encountered/identified.
that is why I say my beleits are objectively based, not subjectively based.
Reason is capable of explaining everything that happens. Just because YOU cannot explain it with your abiity to reason, does not mean reason cannot explain it. It means that you cannot.