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June 20th, 01:16 AM

I cant get a bomb becouse the wall is not regonized as 'touch'. I re-downloaded v1.2 and its al the same. is the earlier expanation only valid for v1 or v1.1 ?????

I got stuck on another part becouse the technical border was not correct. i suddenly was standing at the right side of the guy with a saving machine in its house. but i came ther DIRECT from the woods in part 2... so before boss 3 at all. there is a little spot open somewher, but i could NOT get back at that spot.

while checking variable names i checked &crap and saw another bug, which does not hurt, in lraise.c

if(&crap < 7)

should be

if(&level < 7)

//raise their level

void raise( void )
int &crap;
if(&level < 4)
&crap = 1;
if(&level > 3)
if(&crap < 7)
&crap = 2;
if(&level > 6)
&crap = 4;