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July 28th 2019, 09:34 AM
I thought so. Most probably my CD is from the second burn because the third burns were the boxed variants I guess. And you're right DinkDude95, it's still a cool relic to own.

Also, I read on the forum about someone sharing his first-hand account dating back to 1998 of playing Dink demo and subsequently impressed by it, ordered the full edition. He has also specified the version as either being 1.03 or 1.04, which should mean that even if one ordered the game in 1998, he would most likely have received a copy from the second burn. This also implies that the first burn is v1.02 (or v1.01?)

This is getting more interesting. Needless to say, the first burn is the rarest and certainly more valuable as well. Does anyone know how many copies of the first burn were sold? And is there anybody on the forum who really owns it (apart from Seth & Dan)? Could he share a picture of the same including the back of the CD cover?

One last thing that lingers on my mind is, if Dinkers were to bid on a copy of the CD from the first burn, what would the highest bid be?