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April 17th 2018, 05:08 PM
Peasant Netherlands
Never be afraid to ask, but don't demand an answer 
Will it be written to be (at least somewhat) platform independent or will it at least be win 32 compatible (and thus easily "runnable" on a variety of windows system, including wine32)?

This time it's written entirely in javascript, so you just put it in your dmods directory and it runs in a browser. Should work on any system, but is only tested with Firefox on GNU/Linux.

Are you talking about a DinkC editor or the next step in evolution in the WinDinkedit.exe, WinDinkeditPlus.exe, WinDinkeditPlus2.exe family?

While I intend to add a script editor in there, that will just be a simple select element; I expect to edit my scripts in an external editor. This is about making and editing maps, sprites and hardness.

Also, it will include a script processor, which turns more normal code into DinkC.

I bet he is rewriting the damn engine, so alk-tree nuts can fall off the tree more realistically.

I was working on that last time, but this time I think it's not worth the effort.