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March 8th 2018, 02:04 AM
"too bad i suck too much to finish anything"

I can relate to this statement. I will definitely get nothing done this year. I know that for sure.

On the D-Mod idea:
"The Conspiracy"
Backstory leading into the dmod:
After the goblin war ended, people feared that other evils would eventually rise up and cause havoc in the world. Although the king had won the war and would try to calm his people, it was obvious people were still uneasy and did not have as much confidence in Goodhearts army as he would like. This changed when a wizard, by the name of Martridge came with a prediction of the future. Being well versed in the art of magic, he could not only see forward in time, but he could see how things would unfold if certain events were to take place differently. It was prophesised by Martridge that one of the kings knights, Sir Smallwood(referring to Dinks father at the time), his child would become a protector of the lands, at the cost of his mother's life. The King, desperate to regain the confidence of his people, tasked Martridge with assuring this prophecy plays out as seen - the King tasked Martridge with assuring the death of Dinks mother. Word of this plan made its way to Sir Smallwood(Again referring to dinks father) and he tried to retaliate, which is why he was exiled from Goodheart and coincedently "never seen again"

Idea of actual dmod:
Martridge was the one who burned down dinks house, killing his mother, and putting him on the path to become a hero as seen in his vision. Somehow, Dink hears of this conspiracy and the dmods story is based around Dink confirming the hearsay with evidence, thus turning him into a person hell bent on revenge. It can go anywhere from this point (eg, he could track down some goblins, and help them declare a war on Goodheart, fighting alongside them, thus creating the second goblin war, which seems like the perfect revenge), but whatever the case, the ultimate idea is, dink wants to destroy Goodheart because he realises he's been working under the people who were responsible for the death of both his parents.