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February 22nd 2017, 01:31 PM
Peasant Male Germany
Tanke och tal!!! Ro! Ro in sinnets land!!! 
Ah, hell.
I'll just add a copy here on the forum too.

Like zeddexx said I'm not much with words either.

I am not a long time member of the forum yet, but I am very impressed by all the fun I have had here. I am guilty of making a d-mod with a "cliffhanger" ending, but I shall fix that in a few months. The forum members are a nice bunch of chaps, and very good victims for trollers like myself ( which I retired from a few days ago) many of the d-mods I have played on the forum are awesome. I mostly enjoy the ones created by the famous simon klaebe. The original Dink Smallwood game will always be my favorite. I played it dozens of times and won it dozens of times. I'm sure Tim Maurer (God rest his soul) will be proud of this series of books that you are going to come out with.

Signed Baphomet, scourger and devourer of dink forum members