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October 7th 2016, 09:59 PM
Hello, i have a 'bug situation', although it seems more the logic of aperence that make Dink wait for ever without responding on movement keys.
That happens at the wonderfull doohickey gambleling machine that gives life, beasts, 666 AND PAUL..... a script writing gnome
If you act TO SOON then PAUL is stil;l bussy and yet you push the red button.
That will give the remark "what a strange machine" and then you can choose to press the button or leave it
EXECPT when PAUL is around ... mind the "meanness"... you will have to be patient for Paukl to DISapper else you might come in the situation wher TWO message screens are active at the same time: 1) Pauls conversation :2) the NEW red button question
but after the remark "stange amcjhinbe" the remark of Paul SEEMS the wipe the answer window for the next button ASWEEL, so DINK WAIT FOR EVER until YOU the usr is READY with the choise to push or po or what ever yous stacked there, but it WONT COME
probably two routines are used to make it able to chace Paul while Paul is still having an conversation, or some alike