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June 17th 2014, 02:20 PM
If anyone still has the Spawn DMOD, I'd lovvve a link to that, just to be able to play it for old times sake.

There's another really old DMOD I just can't remember it's name, but I believe you can start with a sword, a bow, or a fireball and it's starts you off in a very foresty area, along with some midi interpretation of popular music (Nirvana maybe?). Oh, and I think the pillbugs and boncas talk to you. I wouldn't mind playing this one again even though I remember it not being particularly great other than choosing your weapon at the beginning.

I trust you're talking about the Bill & Kill -series. Man, those D-Mods sure were some real gems.

Lol! I'll talk about it when he gets to it. Until then, it's a secret to everybody (hands 100 rupees).