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June 3rd 2014, 06:39 AM
Peasant Male Belgium
Oh god I wish I had never made that d-mod Your reaction to it is EXACTLY how I would feel about such a d-mod.

The funny thing is, I did get into Maori culture AFTER I finished it and there are so many myths and other traditions that the d-mod could have pulled from and be true to the source. Now the d-mod contains a fantasy culture that has NOTHING to do with the Maori except for the quiz questions. I had to strip references to the Dink character because the people in my class at the time wouldn't have understood. Also, I made the d-mod in basically 2 days, with the help of a friend. There just wasn't time to do the culture justice, which means I should have not even referenced it (but we had to for the assignment).

Embarrasingly, it's the only one I managed to finish... Great legacy >_<