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June 2nd 2014, 09:52 PM
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The readme text file that came with New Shores tells an interesting tale of how well the project went, but does also warn that you're unlikely to learn much from it. Which is probably the most amusing thing I found about New Shores, being a New Zealander myself.

I also just took a glimpse at the scripts, and can confirm that words such as "Imbecilios" definitely do not look Maori. In fact that one in particular looks closer to a failed attempt to speak Latin, and "Hajimo Gurog Raiji Kolmez Nibeb Coia" looks Japanese. The words on some of the stone scripts might be closest to any resemblance of Maori language, if anything.

Apart from that, the "Kiwi" sprite certainly doesn't match any real Kiwi bird unfortunately.