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June 1st 2014, 09:17 AM
Sorry for veering back into our earlier topic, but a particular section of this article spoke to me about some of the problems you mentioned, especially the part where you where beginning to think that your write-ups are getting stale and uninteresting.


Everyone struggles to create great art. Even great artists.

Anyone who creates something on a consistent basis will begin to judge their own work. I write new articles every Monday and Thursday. After sticking to that publishing schedule for three months, I began to judge everything I created. I was convinced that I had gone through every decent idea I had available. My most popular article came 8 months later.

It is natural to judge your work. It is natural to feel disappointed that your creation isnít as wonderful as you hoped it would be, or that youíre not getting any better at your craft. But the key is to not let your discontent prevent you from continuing to do the work.

You have to practice enough self-compassion to not let self-judgement take over. Sure, you care about your work, but donít get so serious about it that you canít laugh off your mistakes and continue to produce the thing you love. Donít let judgment prevent delivery.