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August 14th 2013, 10:12 PM
Peasant Netherlands
Never be afraid to ask, but don't demand an answer 
I think somebody should contact Wesley and ask if he's okay with someone else editing FB3's maps into a little bit more detailed ones. I think that would raise the D-Mod's popularity a lot, and make it one of the most flawless ones ever.

I really liked the entire series, but FB3 has quite a lot of bugs, which is more annoying to me than missing map details. For example, you can visit a girl in a dungeon and do a quest to save her, but if you go back there you get the quest again. Not sure if you can save here again, too; I think not, because the enemy is already dead. And you can't continue either, because restarting the quest locked the next path again.

So if someone will work on it, I'd say fix all the bugs. If you get herb boots, the map isn't so big.