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May 10th 2013, 06:13 AM
Peasant Male Belgium
There are definitely more bugs, but there isn't a compiled list of them as far as I know. In fact, people gave up on it rather early after release because most d-mods had something in them that stopped progress. I'm really busy with work until the end of june, but I'll have a lot of time after that to delve into it if there is enough interest I've been hoping for a 100% stable version of DinkHD since it came out, if only to use transparent BMPs and have more sequence slots Actually, the higher resolution and phone support definitely helps too xD And built in support for ogg... And and and... I'm just summing up the whole feature list here, oops

But above all, I don't have any of that nasty slowdown in DinkHD. That could get me back into scripting cutscenes, which is impossible to time in the original Dink for some reason since the slowdown started. And I could actually record stuff for the DSPT team instead of relying on RobJ to carry me through a LP xD