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July 25th 2010, 02:49 PM
The Dark Lord of the DN. 
I have a few improvements that would make this game a lot better.

+Switch between party members. The AI for David can be very crappy.
+Reduce web drops by spiders. These things are everywhere!
+Lower mana costs. Fighting things can be a pain when you wasted your mana with only a few attacks.
+Better AI. The AI is pretty good right now. But if you changed it so that David (or Nadine if you changed improvement 1), could stop attacking and run away from battle when they are nearly dead would be very helpful.
+Elixir fix. Elixirs only heal one person. If they healed both people at the same time, fighting would be a lot easier.

So if you guys have any other ideas, post them here. I think we can greatly help the production of this already great DMOD.