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I can't find the vines that I have to cut thru?

Prophecy of the Ancients

May 2nd 2008, 05:49 PM
Peasant Male United States
I'm cleaning up ALL the garbage in the dwarf's cellar; BUT, I can't seem to find the vines that I have to chop down in order to continue cleaning? I thought that I took care of them all?! I must be missing the correct batch of vines? I think I've found the right spot, BUT, I can't cut them? Please help!? I really Don't want to start all over again! Any advice would be a BIG help! Thanx in advance, Lance.
UPDATE: I bought the dwarf's sword, and then I was able to cut the vines. Then I found a stone head, but when I went back to the "hermit", THE head wasn'tv mentioned?
Is this the right person; or is it somebody else?