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Pilgrim's Quest Redux

May 6th, 07:22 AM
Peasant He/Him Australia
Pilgrim's Quest redux has been uploaded.

teaser video is here!

While not as extensive as the SOB redux there was been some enjoyable tweaks, most notably you can get the map of lands in the Firewood village, just help the right person with their particular problem.

Also water magic is available in a secret area in the Firewood before you go to the Church of Vegetables in the Land of Punz.

Four of the six riddles have alternate word puzzle choices you can opt for if you don't like riddles.

Death Sword instead of Dark Sword is the secret bonus in the Dragon's Realm.

And you can find the whirlpool without having to go back to the One Tree to be told you are honourable enough - the flip side of this is, you can get eaten by the Basilisk.

Oh and I updated the evil dude's (Decretius) graphics to the "Spike" ones I created nearly 20 years ago, I think for Sabretrout by memory, not sure if they ever got used by anyone, but I thought they were too good to waste. Walking in 8 directions, magic casting animations, and he looks suitably cartoonishly evil...

And the three extra new stats are now visible on the Status bar, and with the exception of the inventory window when you select new weapons or items, they should always be there if the status bar is there.

There will be bugs, I'm sure, although I have tested this in both R-rated and M-rated modes, I play knowing what to do, so don't do things other players will.
May 7th, 12:35 AM
Jester He/Him Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
I will be soon playing through SOB redux and PQ redux and recording both to put on DSPT. I never actually played SOB past the first town ever, so that should be interesting.