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February 24th, 10:56 AM
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
Maybe this will rekindle the flame in some people. Apply to both finished and unfinished dmods. Some guideline Qs:

What are you priorities?

Do you start by writing a few ideas on the piece of paper?

Do you accidentally make an interesting looking screen and go on from there?

Was it the new magic script that started it all?

Do you focus on the overall story, combat, mapping, or characters?

Do you go with the flow, or use a kanban board?

Would you succumb to the community pressure and re-plant the tree on screen #143, or do you have integrity?

What do you enjoy/hate making the most?

Was there something that you always wanted to make, but didn't... and why?

Do you stick to original concept, or change it a lot as you go?

Do things end up looking as expected or not?

Share some interesting insights, or wisdom you gained while developing...

Share some self criticism (excluding "Im lazy") on the things that you've made (finished or not)...

Add another question freely if you come up with something