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The adventures of captain Janus

February 12th 2018, 07:31 PM
"Would that I could view a perfect sky with perfect eyes, that I might fully comprehend the beauty of the heavens"
If you were to ask Janus, the qoute is the biggest load of squick in the history of mankind.
He was a not so simple man with a not so simple task: Survive.

Unaware of the context you might ask: "how exactly can that be your only goal in life?"
To which he'd reply: "You're asking me how life can be a life goal? Dumb shucknut."

He wasnt always the most respectable fellow.

You see Janus lives in a world quite different from the one you know.
His is a world of unending strife. A world that required extreme amounts of moxy to survive, much more to thrive.

And Janus was thriving.

"Grryk La myndaho gavaskan"

"No, no, no Bryl you have it all wrong! I understand we humans must look alike to you gerruks but it wasnt me I swear!"

"Masa jun la Janus dyrynon MASA"

"Please Bryl, gimme some credit! sure im a lyin weasel, but even I dont go this low."


"Bryl my friend, I aint gonna pay for somthin I didnt buy, I know youre upset, I understand that! But you know the rules of the market, get robbed and It's on you."

The enormous Gerruk vendor narrows all four eyes at Janus dubiously {an expression he no doubt learned from the myriads of humans that frequent his store}

"Like I said good man, such a heinous lie is beneath me, a childrens fib! If I were truly lying to you, I woulda come up with somthin better than tellin you someone else did it! Right!?"
He Gives Bryl his patented card players grin.

Finally the vendor closes his eyes and emits a hooting buzzsaw noise from his mouth
{the Gerruk equivilant of a heavy sigh} and stomps away into the back room.

Not being one to push his luck Janus is out of the store and down the market street in less than a few seconds.

Once he is far enough away from prying eyes, Janus dips into an alleyway and fishes out the object he'd been concealing under his jacket.

It was the Rylon engine mod he'd stolen from Bryls store this morning.

Its a good thing Bryl didnt frisk him. Gerruks are dense but not weak.

"Gyrn Beraka-hus Janus?"

Janus's heart stops and he turns around slowly

There are 2 angry looking Gerruks blocking his way out of the
dead-end alley hes currently standing in.
Guess Some Gerruks are smarter than they look.

"Gyrn beraka mon jarva?" Says one turning to the other

"Kili-ok jur Rylon Husha-Dyrnumo gryg" Says the second

"Oh no boys, this is a different Rylon engine mod!"
Janus says, assuming his best innocent looking face.
"definitely NOT the one that was stolen from Bryns this morning!"

It doesnt take.

The two thugs waste no more time with words and immediatly lumber their way towards Janus.
Shoving the mod back into his jacket he rushes the Gerruks head-on screaming like a Firekite.
Actually he screams exactly like a firekite.

The gambit works as the thugs stop in their tracks in confused terror at the sound, alowing Janus to slide underneath their legs and sprint for the alley exit.

He dodges and weaves through the crowds of the market like he'd been doing it his whole life and sparing a quick glance over his shoulder.

His gambit may have worked but the thugs have recovered fast and are not far off his tail.
The hulking gerruks are less nimble than Janus and are pushing and shoving rather than gracefully flowing through the crowds.

The chase is causing quite the commotion, only a matter of time before the Dons enforcment shows up, time to disapear.

Janus suddenly drops to all fours then rolls to his left into an exotic clothing stall.
taking a quick glance around the small shack and noticing a manuiquin, he continues rolling until he's hidden under the purple dress its wearing.

He hears the thump thump thump of the approaching thugs footsteps and holds his breath.

"Karna bok nis!?!?" Comes the angry query.

"Nis jynunarya! Hu nis byrna!" good they didnt see him rolling.

Plenty of angry snarls, curses and thumping later and Janus is finally in the clear.

He heaves a relieved sigh.

So does the mannequin.

Oh. Its not a mannequin.

Janus quickly rolls out and looks up into the face of the gorgeous shop owner whose private space he'd been violating for over half an hour.

She smirks.

He winks.

He's got a little time.

An hour later Janus makes his way to the port, with his precious mod in hand.

Janus walks into bay 12 where his ship the Clown prince is berthed.
To the outisde observer the clown prince looks like exactly what youd expect
from a scoundral like Janus. Shaped like a half circle with the cockpit jutting out from the round bow and huge engines in the stern, it posses a Low profile, seemingly medium strength weaponry, mid-tier tech and strong engine power.

But Janus named her the clown prince for a reason.

"Oi Janus, you're late."

Janus spots his wiry, sandy haired mechanic leaning against a ramp support.

"Had to see a man about a mod" Clown prince's captain replies.

The ships mechanc 'Chug' smiles at Janus like he knows exatly what he'd been doing the last hour.

"Mhmm, mhmm sure sure, and I spose the redness of yer face is from all the hard work you've been doin as a responsible capn such as yerself should be doin eh?"
Chug teases with his irish drawl.

"dont tell Kelly."

Chug shakes his head with a laugh as Janus walks up the ramp

Suddenly the ship explodes! Killing Janus, Chug and even all the crew members you've yet to be introduced to! And after all the thought I put into their characters...

Well. Guess that's it. You'll never find out what hidden secrets the clown prince kept.
Or how many more romantic enounters captain Janus enters until he discovers the one he loves was Kelly the whole time. Or even who the heck kelly was?

What's a firekite? Why were the Gerruks afraid of it? What do Gerruks look like?
what were they all saying? Who's the Don?
Who knows? Well Janus did. But he's dead now.

You'll never know what amazing fantastical adventure the unwitting crew would've been swept into.
Or what the little qoute from the beggining is all about, or what a rylon engine mod is.

It's just all over now. Cuz they all died in that random explosion that also remains a mystery.

Does that annoy you? Or perhaps the story didnt matter at all to you?

Was the writing shoddy? The concepts cliched and over done?

None of that matters now at any rate. All the main characters are dead.

Just like you.