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True Dink Invincibility script. Wrote it for someone, sharing it.

October 19th 2017, 04:58 AM
Peasant Male Australia
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Someone else requested this. It should work, but I literally just whipped it up and briefly tested it, but I thought I'd put it here, if anyone else wants to use it. It's helpful for beginners or anyone who wants it I guess. Could be used for a temporary buff:

Someone told me you can't set nohit for Dink, so the only way to make him invincible would seem to increase his defence to an unusually high amount (which wouldn't make him invincible anyway), or do a constant check to keep his life full (but this is also not the best solution).

So I made a script which enables True Invincibility for Dink, making use of &update_status.
It's an automated script that you can spawn which disables the status update (which also stops Dink from dying, keeps counting any stats changes, but doesn't visually show them), and constantly checks if any stats have changed except life decrease - if they have it restores dinks old life value (to prevent him from dying on re-enabling status update), then re-enables the status update, draws the status bar to show the stat change, and instantly disables again. It seems to work. Tested in FreeDink and 1.08. Forgot to test in DinkHD, but it should work I guess, I don't see why not.
True Dink Invincibility, and it's automated. You just gotta add 1 global variable. Change it to 1 and spawn my script to enable Dink Invincibility. To disable Invincibility, just change the global back to 0.
As explained below:

Put this script in your story folder.

add this to Main.c: "make_global_int("&statupd", 0);"
That's it!

To enable True Dink invincibility simply do this in any script:
&statupd = 1;

To disable it do this:
&statupd = 0;

UPDATE: Works in all versions except DinkHD, because in DinkHD when update_status is changed to 0, the status bar vanished, so the status bar area will just be black while the invincibility script is active

EDIT: Turns out you can set sp_nohit for Dink, but this method allows him to be hit and makes him invincible, and works for touch damage too.