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July 13th, 2005
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Three words: Play, It, and NOW!

This game is amazing. It has earned all its ratings of 9.0 and above, because it has focused purely on being able to play a game without any previous Dink Knowledge. Its quests are not too difficult for noobs, yet not too easy for a regular dinker (When they don't cheat...)

The idea is original, and everything has a reason for being where it is. Nothing is out of place, and no bugs that I noticed.

Since its a little while since I played it, I don't remember whether there where any original graphics, so they must have been far and few (In fact I think only the puzzles had new graphics, but not the map itself)

Music fitted the mood of the scene, generally (Generally? What am I talking about. It was excellent)

This was an excellent DMOD to play. It's worth the download, even with a 56k, believe me.