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Quest for Cheese (The)

October 27th, 2007
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Quest for cheese is a pretty simple name for a game.
But,this dmod prefers to focus on game play rather than
a complex story,and well, it succeeds.
The story too is nice and you have a lot of
interesting and funny sub plots and sub quests
The typical dink humour is there.The music is pleasant.
The NPCs are fun to talk to.You will definitely enjoy
accomplishing your regular dink tasks,they are quite interesting here.
Exploring is pretty enjoyable in this game,you are bound to
see things here and there.
You have action,but it's cool , no serious screen locks
with a lot of deadly monsters.
There is also a funny new weapon in the last stage
I had seen a similar one in mystery Island,but this is different from that.

There are 4 areas ,all are beautifully done

Bugs: Almost zero,no screen freezes
Just one freeze, close to the river bank,you are not likely to venture there

Overall: A dmod with a light hearted theme, that everyone is going to enjoy playing