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Quest for Cheese (The)

June 26th, 2002
Score : 9.1 exceptional
This dmod is one of the most well-accepted early dmods. This dmod truely follows the path of many successful classical PC/console games -- pure fun. It might not have very twisted dramatic plots (like POTA), nor did it have eye-poping outstanding new graphics (like SOB). It just try to be a fun game. And overall, it works perfectly.

This dmod proves again that you don't need to have size or fancy stuffs to be a great dmod. As you can see from the title of this dmod, the main quest is silly. Yes, silly: King is having his meal but cannot find any cheese so the great King ask our hero Dink to find him some cheese.

The game was well-balanced, not too easy, not too difficult. You can do many small things -- killing LOTS of pillbugs, finding every secret, talking to a lot of "things" (furnitures etc.), and attacking almost anything...

"Have FUN" is what the author wanted the players to do! Good humors can be found in various places and mini-quests. Although some of the secrets are not straightforward or even clueless, but if you can find every secret, you will be rewarded with a pretty funny ending. Even the plain ending without having all secrets is funny, too.

A few small bugs though, nothing is really fatal. Because many of the secrets can only be accessed through some secret pathways, you might need to try to walk through almost every unconventional way. And because, at some point, you have the ability to walk toward water, you might get to places that shouldn't be reached due to some hardness glitches. And sometimes you can't get to the real ending even though you did get all the secrets (the number of the pixels was reset somehow). Some of the tasks were repeating and had the similar appeal with others.

I don't quite like the midi, but most of them were good fit for the scene of the game. Can't blame the author, just my taste.

But, all in all, this is one of the best dmods that's ever released. No matter how many dmods you have played, if you did not try this one out yet, download it, and you won't be disappointed. If not for some of those bugs and some repetition in the game, I might give it even higher score.