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Outdoor Sprites Pack (IPD pack 2)

The graphics in action!
I've learn a lot about blender since my first graphics pack, in this one there might just be half as many as in my first but they are all of better quality.

Best viewed in true colour mode but doesn't look that bad in 8bit.

The pack includes a couple of trees, rocks and other things.
It also includes all necessary ini-lines for loading graphics and setting hardboxes and depth dots.

Thanks to Schnappers positive review of my last pack which made me eager too keep modelling , and Yeoldetoast in-depth review which told me what to improve in this.
Released:October 16th, 2010
File Size:132.82 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
October 19th, 2010
Score : 7.9 good
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IPD has added a nice texture/noise to the rocks in this, his second graphic pack, this gives the rocks character. I do however feel they need to be a quite a bit smaller to fit onto a screen, as at 100% they 'dwarf' Dink. I think they perhaps look better at around 70 - 75% of the original size.

The greenery of the trees give the impression of being quite textured and looks really nice, but because the tops are so nice, it tends to make the trunks look a little bland in comparison. I think by adding some more texture/noise to both the trunks and the hole/cracks would make these sprites look more realistic and not so shiny. I can see IPD has added some 'noise'already, but it isn't quite enough to give the desired effect. (Tree bark is usually rough and trunks not so cylindrical).

The holes/cracks are all the same colour from the 'outside' to the 'inside'... and they both need a little 'depth'to make them look 3d. The impression of depth is made by colour, lighter at the top and darker as you go 'down'. The tree stump could also do with some shadow/variation on the top of it.

There some typos in the txt/help file but it is still quite understandable and doesn't detract from the simplicity of the instructions on how to implement these sprites into your own game. Nice touch already doing the depth dot and hardboxes, great for the newer dmod makers who don't know how to set these lines. They have decent sized hard boxes on them all as well, good job! I did notice that the depth dot and hardness is way off on the little rubble/stones sprite though

These would fit well into any game, my personal favourites are the 2 larger rocks and the tree lying down. I look forward to seeing all these sprites in future D-Mods.

Very nice job IPD