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MsDinks' Graphics Pak1

MsDinks GraphicsPak1 - Includes
New bed sprites and covers for Dink.
Double bed, original bed freshened up and a new bed.
Customise these and make your own original covers with scenes from your own dmod or use some of the 8 variations provided. Includes instructions of how to add new graphics and adjusting the hardbox etc.
Released:July 3rd, 2010
File Size:230.23 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
January 11th, 2011
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands
Let us save our effort and just lie down and die. 
I have to say, these beds are lovely; it's amazing what a few pieces of furniture can do to liven up a game, and the double beds do this wonderfully. PROS: - The graphics merge seemlessly into the Dink-scape
- There is enough range with the beds to allow one to modify them fairly painlessly
CONS: - If there are any cons, I'd say it's just that there aren't any exotic varieties, say maybe a steam powered bed?
I give this file a nine: Whilst I'm not overwhelmed by it, it is well-made and very useful.