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Force Field Graphics

Simon says, "I've included the .ini lines as well as a sample script which deactivates the forcefield on punching (based on the sequence numbers in the .ini lines). Just cut and past the .ini lines into your DMODs dink.ini file (at the end) . If you are already using 941 to 944 just rename the sequences in the dink.ini file after pasting and change lines in the main( void ) procedure of the scripts."
Released:March 24th, 2003
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December 29th, 2009
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Once again, SimonK has done it. This time i'm reviewing his Force Field. It's unfortunate that I only saw these used in Cast Awakening Part 1: Initiation, because these graphics are perfect for any laboratory or secret hideout, or even bandit caves.

These would work really well in any futuristic DMOD if one ever comes out. I would use these graphics in any DMOD that has already been made to make it look nicer. Hell, I would even throw these in ABCDE.. for fun!