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Dnotalk and Dnomagic

This is a very small file containing dnotalk.c and dnomagic.c, with the default lines Dink says copied directly from the source code. If you add these files in your dmod's story folder, nothing will seemingly change, but now you can edit the quips Dink utters, or make him say different things on certain screens, or do anything else your mind can conjure.

Dnotalk and dnomagic functionality was added in v1.08 of Dink. It works on all modern versions of the game, such as v1.08 Aural+, FreeDink, and DinkHD.
Released:June 25th, 2014
File Size:0.64 KB
Release Notes:Removed extra space from "I'm gesturing wildly to no avail!". Thanks, yeoldetoast!