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July 12th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
This is another old DinkC.txt type of helper, but this file mainly focuses on the mapping skills/tricks.

However, in general, I just don't quite like it. I don't know if it is the format of this helper or its content or its colors. It was written in html form and stored directly in DN, so the easy thing that you can do is just reading through. But the context was alligned to the center. In fact, to me, it looks very weird. And the dark green color of the words didn't help, either.

However after I read through it, I think the content of this file is real OK though. I did find a few small errors or not-so-good tricks in this. For example, "A good suggestion is to copy ALL the rest of the .C files to, so you don't have to make all new scripts for every thing you want to do." is definitely not true. You can use any of the script in main Dink story directory as long as you don't change them to fit your dmod. Also some of the words were copied exactly from DinkC.txt where the explanations were usually not quite clear. Sometimes the explanation becomes too choppy and you might get confused from here or there.

The best part of this file is it was well-organized in its own way. You can basically do the mapping step by step following the discription in this file, and you shouldn't find much difficulty in doing so. Although some of the techniques needed for DinkEdit were not covered, like hardbox editing, screen match, tile hardness editing, and some others, this file basically can help anyone to start a new mapping right away.

One of the troublesome thing is because this file is quite old, and since other links in this file were not integrated into Dink Network, you cannot just get to see the examples of the sprite settings.

Despite my personal taste that I don't like this file, this file really can help newbies to get start in DinkEdit right away, although that is basically the easiest part of making dmod.

The name of this file should be changed, too, since there is no information about scripting, the most complicated part of dmoding. Maybe DinkEdit Help might be much closer to what this file offers.

An 8.0 score seems to be just fine. I have some thougts about giving it a score of 9.0 if this file uses other style and colors for this helper. Los of the information in this file right now can be find in some other files, but this one is still a staring point for newbies.