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ultimate challenge

Ultimate Challenge (The)

March 6th 2007, 01:40 AM
Peasant Male United States
What strength do you have to be at to rescue the girl near the end? I'm at level 15, my attack level is:58, majic:25; but it says that I'm still not strong enough. I even tried a bomb! Anyone know?
March 6th 2007, 01:56 AM
Peasant Female Canada
Apparently I played the game but I just can't seem
to remember it that well.It was 2 years ago.Anyways,
if you're not strong enough then maybe you need a better
weapon still? Or stronger magic?
March 6th 2007, 05:37 PM
Peasant Male United States
I went back and talked to everyone, wizards included--nothing. I even bought that rediculous expensive bow! Nothing. I'll keep upping my man for now.