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ICE-COLD i'm nikolaj from denmark originally sweden but i don't speak swedish i'm also half russian and such

i started this game because i liked rpg's but i found out that it was a lot more than a rpg it is a passion


oh yeah...!
i'm also working on a d-mod that is supposed to be really nice but i can't promise you'll like it because i'm really a bad-ass d-modder (as you might know for my mass-help-needed-posts in the board)

so uhm... buzz me for more info

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2007-05-04 07:00:18
Dinkdude95: P.S. .....

yeah it freaked me out when i used the windinkedit

is'nt there any up to date tutorial and script lists in here because the (dinkedit) tutoiral is hard to understand if you are running windinkedit and at the same time are a n00b.

AND!! i also have a question: is it o.k. to download the graphics in here and use them to my own mods. if so, do i then have to credit all the authors (that could be pretty long)
and at last i need some more script variables it is really paining me that i can't do anything that (say...) when i hit and say (followed the tut)