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Play Dink Smallwood HD, FreeDink, and D-Mods in your Web Browser!

Dink Smallwood HD is now playable in your web browser at, complete with D-Mod support and save game persistence/importing/exporting. It's the full Dink Smallwood experience, in a browser. D-Mods and save games even stay around if you leave and come back again.

This fancy wizardry does require the latest version of a modern browser (such as Firefox 60.0.2, or Chrome 67.0.3396.87), but it even works fairly well with a newish iPhone or Android device (and will automatically use touch controls in those environments).

Additionally, there is now a 'Play' button on every D-Mod's file page which will launch Dink Smallwood HD online and install the selected D-Mod automatically. That means that you, or anyone else, can start playing a D-Mod in as little as 20 seconds without installing anything beforehand (assuming that you have a powerful device, tons of bandwidth, a new browser, etc).

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that GNU FreeDink has also been available to play in your web browser at The GNU FreeDink experience is a little bit different (open source sound effects, upload your own D-Mods, translations of the main game in 12 additional languages, etc.), but it's worth checking out.

While much more trivial in nature, this situation was like when Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz both invented Calculus around the same time in the 17th century. Beuc and Seth had both started on creating new web versions of Dink Smallwood just about simultaneously without knowing what the other was doing (until Beuc posted about it on the forum first, of course).