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New Contest: Plot Twist

Are you interested in making your own D-Mod? Or yet another D-Mod? Have you made a few half-finished D-Mods, but never found the motivation to finish one? Do you only make D-Mods when a contest gives you a structure and a deadline?

Yes, we are holding another contest. This time the theme is Plot Twist. Can you twist a D-Mod's plot to surprise and delight your peers? Yes. Yes you can.

Thanks to Mr. Sparrowhawk for suggesting this in the Contest thread.

See the comments for more details.

The Rules:

1. The theme for this contest is Plot Twist. This means that there should be some sort of Plot (narrative), and a radical change in the direction of the plot (thanks Wikipedia).

2. The D-Mod may not have been previously uploaded to the Dink Network. So, for example, Sharp couldn't take Milder 3, change some dialog near the end to make Milder fall in love with Dink, and submit it for the contest.

However, the D-Mod may re-use assets previously uploaded to The Dink Network.

3. The D-Mod must be uploaded via The Dink Network's upload form no later than Saturday, July 7th, 2018 (UTC-11, the best UTC).

4. Anyone is allowed to submit an entry, this includes team efforts.

5. Judging will be done by any Dink Network account holder who created an account before April 1st, 2018, and who was not involved in creating an entry for the contest. Everyone will have the option of ranking the D-Mods from 'best' (1) to 'worst' (N), and the entry with the lowest overall rank will be designated the winner. In the event of a tie, a special vote with the tied entries will take place. In the event of another tie, both entries will be deemed winners.

6. The D-Mods will be judged on how well they follow the theme and how fun they are to play.

7. The prize for this competition will be eternal fame as the winner of the contest.

8. If anything is unclear or you have any questions about the contest, just post in this thread to ask!