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May 30th 2007, 05:11 AM
Peasant He/Him
Now I want to make a sequel to Dink Smallwood containing new midis,scripts,graphics&tiles for Charlie,Port town& Pete+secret places,Dink overthrowing the oldie king Daniel.New 1)weapon-stinking sword which makes all enemies run with flies around it,magic bomber which releases 10 bombs when used once,enough to burn/destrou/break a place.2)Magic-teleporting spell,genie spell.
Who is Pete?
Could ya please help me for doing this;editing dink.ini,,c&.dfiles(I pefer both),graphics,map,sprites&adding some midis??Start by giving examples,guiding me step by step.

Thanks.Only if ya Dinkers help me,I will gift a new D-MOD The Prision Escape.