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September 17th 2002, 11:44 AM
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: First of all, what an amazing dmod! My head was spinning... ;p

: BTW, how did you change the palette? Must be a neat trick. Paul's shadow world is as impressive, but much easier to understand.

: My main question is if I finish the game (I did complete the "cycle", ), could I miss anything in the plot? Did you have anything not related to the main plot? Because you were forced to jump from one scene to another and you cannot load at any particular part of your choice, I would like to know if I can see anything different if I play it again.

Whoa, I just saw this message.

Yes, head-spinning was a deliberate goal of COE

The pallete was changed using Paul's Pallete Trick, in the same manner as Lyna's Story, I believe. Simply exploiting copy_bmp_to_screen. The one difference is I don't have my bmps with bmp extensions, I just named them _w, _s, and _f.

You are essentially 'forced' to go through all of the plot-related stuff. I had contemplated branches and choices... but the player truly doesn't have any true choice in the final game.

There are some things that change across time, such as the signs and other things around town. Nothing that you deliberatly cause, though. You can't, say, kill the store keeper in Summer and find him dead in Spring.

However, the game doesn't give you all of the plot. The original plan was to explain everything in the cave in the final scene... but when it came time to write it out, I decided that there are enough hints and clues that you should be able to figure most things out on your own. For example, at the very end you should have enough information to know:


* What happened to Farmer Ted, Timmy, Marty, Mary, and Martha.

* The origin of the Boncas that attacked Beral.

* Why Martha (Ted's Wife) was a not-so-nice woman.

And so on. A couple other things simply aren't hinted at or explained at all, unfortunatly.