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April 5th, 01:59 AM
Peasant Australia steam
I've come to get my meat 
I downloaded it and ran it just now and ran into the same problem where it asks for Xinput1_4.dll and refuses to run. I found the relevant Xinput1.4 DLL and installed it but then it refers to a ton of Windows 10-only DLLs in Dependency Walker . The most recent build, RTDink 1.93, is only a few weeks old and I'm guessing that when it was compiled, Seth decided to build it against the Windows 10 SDK rather than an older one that supports Windows 7. If you opt to download and install the previous version (1.91) instead it should work fine for you (the versions button on the left) if you really want instant save states, the pop-ups at the start, or the slightly smoother graphics rendering that it provides. Freedink has just about every other feature otherwise.