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Reply to Updated D-Mods: Before... v2.00 & All that Glitters! v3.01

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November 22nd 2019, 05:52 AM
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A mother ducking wizard 
SlipDink, who apparently has a fervent belief that D-Mod names should end with unusual punctuation, recently updated Before... to v2.00 and All that Glitters! to v3.01.

Before... v2.00 introduces an easy mode, and includes a bounty of fixes, from grammatical tweaks to hardness and functional bugs. Be aware: this version may not be compatible with old save game files.

All that Glitters! v3.01 also makes things a little easier, and fixes over a dozen other bugs. Wunderbar!

I originally wrote something 'clever' about the fact that SlipDink's beta tester 'Herbie' found the bugs in 'All that Glitters!' and wouldn't it be funny if 'Herbie' was short for 'Herbicide', because he helped killed bugs. Of course, this doesn't work at all, because herbicides don't kill bugs (they kill plants).

So, I thought I should at least confess my sins.