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April 27th 2019, 07:09 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
With the new system, you don't need to hold a key.
But you can choose to switch to that old system in the escape menu, and make it hold 'P' to pull.
And no, cannot customise keys in Dink Smallwood.

However, I do agree it might be more convenient to make it closer to the other keys. Maybe 'Z' instead?

I mean, this is just a development file though. Authors can implement it and change the key the player must hold by renaming the script to a different key, should the player want to use the old system (I personally think the new "sticky push" system is much more convenient. Just walk into an object to grab it and then push and pull as you please, and walk away in any other direction to let go). I am crediting redink1 for giving me that idea, because it's actually amazing. Was difficult to implement properly, but it's very convenient.

So actually, on that note. I'll leave it set to P, since it's a good example, and I'll leave it up to the authors that use this thing to decide what key they want to rename it to.